Environmental Technology

Xi măng La Hiên sản xuất gắn với bảo vệ môi trường!

Là một trong những đơn vị thành viên có nền tảng phát triển vững chắc trong Tổng Công ty Công nghiệp Mỏ Việt Bắc (VVMI) – CTCP, Công ty cổ phần xi măng La Hiên VVMI luôn hướng tới sản xuất gắn ...

Vicem Ha Tien in Vietnam saves expenses by using waste as fuel in production!

Vicem Ha Tien Cement Company is a market leader in cement production and is a pioneer in promoting the circular economy towards green. Harness waste as an alternative fuel (coal, oil) in cement production is being applied at the Binh Phuoc factory ...

Waste as an alternative material in cement production!

Still, many people believe that coal costs are growing and that the New Cement business is "hot" in terms of finding solutions to home and industrial waste as alternative ingredients in cement manufacture. Indeed, the cement industry has long sought ...

Vietnamese students build "Boat pick up trash" using solar energy.

A group of Nha Trang University students recently constructed a trash skimmer boat using solar energy, which was accepted and scored outstanding. The concept proposes a more efficient method of collecting waste in water while reducing the damage to ...

Recycling tobacco filters

One of the trickiest problems to solve is that scientists have used tobacco filters to research and find ways to recycle to limit their environmental impact.

Recycled plastic technology used by Yamaha Motorbike in Southeast Asia (SEA)

SEA is the first place for Yamaha motorbikes to use recycled plastic technology.

Research and develop structure stuff that can control indoor temperature

Energy prices around the World have increased alarmingly since 2021, and heating in some places is becoming a concern. Currently, researchers at KTH - Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm are working on a construction material that can help ...

Creating building materials from eggshells thanks to 3D printing technology can contribute to solving the problems of environmental pollution and food waste.

3D printed bricks from eggshells produced by Manufactura can contribute to solving the problems of environmental pollution and food waste.

Slag ash of Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant as building materials, backfill materials!

In the current period and in the coming time, Vinh Tan 4 Thermal Power Plant will treat and consume ash and slag according to the plan of transferring ash and slag to units wishing to consume ash and slag through 02 transportation routes.

Japan: Developing new materials to replace concrete from recycled plastic and wood chips

The recycled plastic market is predicted to more than double in the current decade to $56.8 billion by 2029, according to a partnership with Exactitude Consultancy, and goods ranging from sneakers to luggage shopping are already in use. According to ...