Food waste

Food waste

Collecting, utilizing and treating organic waste by-products from preliminary processing, food processing, leftovers, … in accordance with regulations, thereby reducing food loss, waste and protecting the environment.


This by-product is generated from the production and processing of food, which can include a variety of industries:
Vegetables, meat, fish... from wholesale markets, supermarket systems, food supply stores
Fruit shells, eggshells, meat, fish, shrimp, and seafood,… resulting from pre-processing, processing and packaging for manufacturing plants
Food waste and leftovers are generated in kitchens, worker canteens, industrial catering units,...
These types of waste have the following characteristics: they decompose quickly and cannot be stored for long periods of time, so it requires high frequency of transportation. It generates a large amount of waste on peak occasions (holidays, New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve,...)

By-products from food pre-processing and processing

Leftovers from the canteen


Using the source of vegetables, fruits, leftovers,... to reduce food waste and protect the environment

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