Pesticide packages

Pesticide packages

Accompanying farmers and local authorities in protecting the environment during agricultural production activities.


As one of the world's top rice exporting countries with a large agricultural production area, Vietnam is estimated to generate hundreds of tons of pesticide and chemical residue packages each year. The collection and treatment of pesticide packages is not only important for the environment, but also for protecting the health of farmers and communities in agricultural areas, limiting the soil and air pollution, moving forward to produce agricultural products with higher safety standards.
Current regulatory framework:
Decree No. 38/2015/ND-CP on waste and scrap management
Joint Circular No. 05/2016/TTLT-BNNPTNT-BTNMT - guiding the collection, transportation, and treatment of after-use pesticide packages.
Circular No. 36/2015/TT-BTNMT on June 30, 2015 of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment on hazardous waste management

Requirements for the storage tank of pesticide packages

*According to Joint Circular No. 05/2016/TTLT-BNNPTNT-BTNMT.

  • Being placed in appropriate, easily identifiable locations along roadsides, intra-field traffic axes, and large fields; not flooded, close to the pesticide dispensing point; does not have an impact on domestic water sources, residential areas, traffic, or rural beauty;

  • Being made of long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, leak-proof, non-chemically reactive materials with waste contained inside; being waterproof and not absorbing waste to the outside; and not being affected by wind and water;

  • Tubular or rectangular shapes are available. Tank volume: 0.5 - 01 m3, with a tight lid that is at least 05 cm wider than the tank wall...

  • The outside of the tanks have the words: "The tank contains the after-use packaging of pesticides " and a danger warning symbol according to Vietnamese Standard TCVN 6707:2009;

  • The number of storage tanks must be sufficient to contain all after-use pesticide packages on cultivated land.


Transporting, treating the after-use pesticide packages

  • After-use pesticide packages are collected from storage tanks or storage areas and transported to a treatment facility in accordance with the provisions of Circular No. 36/2015/TT-BTNMT on hazardous waste management.

  • After-use pesticide packages, that are stored in tanks or storage areas, must be transported for treatment within 12 months.

  • After-use pesticide packages in tanks or storage areas must be transferred to a unit with appropriate functions and capacity for treatment in accordance with hazardous waste management regulations.

Pictures of pesticide packages storage containers


The container/tank models are used to store pesticide packages in some agricultural areas (local survey images of A Chau Environment)

The pesticide packages management solution of a chau environment

A Chau Environment’s solutions have now been provided to the People's Committees/Department of Natural Resources and Environment/Department of Environmental Protection under the Department of Natural Resources and Environment/Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of more than 40 localities, including surveying, consulting, evaluating the overview and specific solutions appropriate for each locality, meeting the criteria "in accordance with regulations, in accordance with reality, overall and saving time and costs".


A Chau Environment collects local factual information and conducts surveys to assess the current state of affairs.

Developing solutions to guide from the moment of waste generation, how to collect, store, design and build storage tanks, convenient locations for collection on main roads with few people living; collection, transportation, and treatment; cooperating with localities to organize the communication and training sessions;

Pesticide packages after being collected by vehicles with a hazardous waste transportation permit. The vehicles are fully equipped with collection tools, GPS navigation system, hazardous waste transporting signs,... Waste will be transferred to a unit with appropriate functions and capacity. The waste is burned by a modern incinerator system that strictly controls temperature and emissions, ensuring that it meets current Vietnamese standards.

Scope of service delivery: from the North Central to Ca Mau province.


Within 03 minutes of operation to receive direct quotations/contracts - Publicity; time savings; simplification; and the optimally suitable response to the various needs of customers for environmental services!

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