Industrial Zone

Industrial Zone

Consulting, designing and providing a full package of environmental services for management boards and businesses operating in industrial zones, export processing zones, industrial clusters,...


Accompanying the Management Board of industrial zones, export processing zones, and businesses, A Chau Environment consults and provides a full package of environmental services, assisting Customers in saving time, reducing costs, managing synchronously, and having peace of mind on environmental issues, especially in industrial zones, export processing zones with stringent environmental management requirements.
The requirements for environmental management will vary depending on the industry, scale of operation and sources of waste generated; the following contents below are the basic environmental issues for businesses; however, according to Customer’s requirements, A Chau Environment will design the best solution.

Our preliminary cooperation plan (depending on the model of industrial zones/export processing zones/...)

  • A Chau Environment conducts direct survey, recommends solutions for each industrial zone/ export processing zone
  • Signing the principle contract
  • A Chau Environment conducts direct surveys at each IZ/EPZ businesses and advises and guides on waste classification as well as environmental legal documents and procedures
  • Scheduling the waste collection, conducting collection
  • Make a record of delivery, document return, documents certifying the collection between the two parties
  • Comparing the outcomes of implementation, acceptance certificate
  • Reporting the collection and environmental protection work of businesses in the IZ/EPZ to the Management Board
  • Guiding businesses to report year-end
  • ...(depending on the needs of the IZ/EPZ/...)

Consultating on the classification, labeling and storage of waste generated at the business

Domestic waste

Hazardous waste

Common industrial solid waste

Scraps can be reused or recycled

Consulting and answering questions about environmental documents and current legal regulations

Environmental handbook - a guide to managing environmental work in businesses


Service of waste collection, transportation, and treatment, scrap, inventory,... and goods destruction


Wastewater/water treatment solutions

  • Consulting, providing wastewater/water treatment solutions
  • Designing, renovating and building the wastewater/water treatment systems
  • Providing modular wastewater treatment products
  • Operating to ensure wastewater/water quality, supply – culture microorganisms
  • Supplying of materials, equipment, and chemicals for the wastewater/water industry
  • ...

Environmental profile, periodic environmental report


Within 03 minutes of operation to receive direct quotations/contracts - Publicity; time savings; simplification; and the optimally suitable response to the various needs of customers for environmental services!

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