Guide on dossiers and procedures for extending permits to discharge sewage into water sources

Monday, 05/11/2018, 15:38 GMT+7


According to Decree No. 201/2013 / ND-CP dated November 27, 2013 - detailing the implementation of several articles of the Law on Water Resources, clearly stating that individuals and organizations generating wastewater may only permit to discharge sewage after being granted permits to discharge wastewater into water sources.

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Below are the essential guidelines extracted by the A Chau Environment to help individuals and businesses quickly grasp the records and procedures to prepare for the correct and sufficient license as prescribed.

♦ Prepare application for licensing

- Application for a license;

- Scheme of discharging sewage into water sources together with the process of operating the wastewater treatment system, for cases where wastewater has not yet been discharged; a report on the current status of wastewater discharge, enclosed with the operation process of the wastewater treatment system, for cases where wastewater is being discharged into water sources;

- The results of the analysis of the receiving water quality at the location of discharge of sewage into the water source; Result of analyzing wastewater quality before and after treatment in case of discharging wastewater (*).

- Map of the area where wastewater is discharged.

Note: In case there is not any project to discharge wastewater into the water source, the dossier of application for a permit must be submitted in the investment preparation stage.

(*) The time of taking water quality analysis samples shall not exceed three (03) months up to the time of submission;

♦ Order and procedures for licensing


Execution time

Paperwork process

T edit / supplement / invalid profile / ...

Step 1: Receive and check the records:


10 days (excluding the time of modification and addition)

Organizations and individuals applying for permits shall submit two (02) sets of the dossier and pay a dossier evaluation fee. For cases under the licensing competence of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, organizations or individuals applying for permits must also submit one (01) set of dossiers to the provincial-level Natural Resources and Environment Services of the localities intending to place the works. ;

In case the dossier is invalid, the dossier-receiving agency shall notify the organization or individual requesting the license to supplement and complete the dossier according to regulations. If the supplemented application does not meet the regulatory requirements, the receiving authority shall return the application and notify the reason to the applicant.

Step 2: Evaluation of schemes and reports in licensing dossiers


30 days (excluding time for modification and addition)

Agencies receiving dossiers shall appraise schemes and reports; if necessary, conduct field inspection, set up project evaluation councils and reports. In case of eligibility for licensing, the dossier-receiving agency shall submit to the licensing agency; In case of ineligible for licensing, return the dossier to the organization or individual requesting the license and notify the reason for not granting;

In case of addition or modification to complete the scheme, report, the dossier-receiving agency shall send a written notice to the requesting organization or individual, clearly stating the contents to be supplemented or completed. judgments and reports. The time for supplementing, finalizing or repeating a project or report does not count toward the time of project or report evaluation. The time limit for evaluation after a project or report is completed is twenty (20) working days;

If the proposal or report must be repeated, the receiving authority shall send a written notification to the applicant requesting clarification of the unsatisfactory contents of the project or report, which must be repeated. and return the license application file

Step 3: Return the results of licensing documents

05 days

The application-receiving agency will notify the organization or individual requesting the license to fulfill its financial obligations and receive the license.


♦ Results of actual records

Please refer to the actual wastewater discharge license issued in 2018 by the A Chau Environment responsible for consulting and documenting in the Ho Chi Minh City area below.

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