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Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is requesting the Prime Minister to support medical field , people, and businesses because of COVID-19

Monday, 06/04/2020, 10:54 GMT+7

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is requesting the Prime Minister to support medical field , people, and businesses because of COVID-19

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is requesting the Prime Minister to support medical field , people, and businesses because of COVID-19

To push the development of economic social opportunityproviding support to businesses to pass through the difficult constraints due to COVID - 19, the Ministry of Finance of Natural and Environment School has reported documents to Prime Minister to offer free money to landuse for the business industry, other industries, and support medical field during this time.


Photo: Headquarter of Ministry of Finance of Natural and Environmental 


Support residentsbusinesses because of COVID-19

According to Public document 1695 / BTNMT VP dated 01/4/2020, Department Director Tran Hong Ha press statement Prime Minister The Minister started the measures the legal end of push play development of healthproviding support businesses now (outside the books assist inform knowledge in term pay cash taxesmoney used to its land in the Decree to be the Ministry of Finance the owners maintain coordination with the Ministry of Finance of Natural and Environmental schoolthe Ministry of the industry built up to process the Government):

See review exemption collected money using use the land for each type of form letter now rent land to pay cash rent every year for the business now have that eventthe source power to serve in the productiontrade enterpriseswith the levels of all manufacturing tools may likefree cash rent land months beginning in 2020 for all both the cases where the lease of land to pay the money rent of land every year due to stop work up the production of business because of the image effects of the epidemic.

In cases where the date of 30.06.2020 that no recovery for the export, then look at to free the months still leftrespect to the payment of the money used to its landto allow payment of delayed months counting from the day have informed newspaper pay money to use use the landat the same time look at reducing money relative to the -month history of use of landLater in the end epidemic diseases, an on-base facility that facilitates the real world will look at the next process carried out by the measures legal support assistant mentioned on to serve in the manufacturingbusiness sales after translation.

See reviewthe National Assembly exemption amount granted the right to declare mining resources Natural water in months approximate count of about 600 billion dongs), or 01 years estimates calculated about 1,200 billion VND for the business professional.

Basing itself on banking booksee comment in due submission collect money granting rights declaration mining mineral production year 2020 ( approximately 5,000 billion ); reduce the cost medium school for the mechanical basis of joint translation service take photos effects of translation COVID-19 in the year 2020 reduce by 20% the collected fees competent to grant permission to visit detectorspublic operatorsusing the user account raw waterthe discharge of waste into the source water and operating vocational drilling water underground rules set in Information Circular No. 270/2016 / TT-BTC dated 14/11/2016 of the Ministry of Finance majorreduce by 30% the collected fees declaration waterfalluse advantage through information, data Materials Engineering statue Shui documents provided for in the Information Circular No. 197/2016 / TT-BTC dated 11/09/2016 of the Ministry of Finance major.

Also, the Ministry of Finance of Natural and Environmental School is requesting the Prime Minister The Minister viewed at criticism of charge from which the industrial environment field to head from page set is sure protection for staff members medical healththe power output as work in the disease hospitalthe area from isolation and enhance high-performance power handling of substances discharged risk-averse medical fact.

Providing support to push forward change 


PhotoOne of the meeting, applying ICT of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Under the only director of the Ministry of the treatmentthe National Assemblythe Government of pushing strongly to use the development of technology numbersetting up the Government Electronic mail has brought back effective resultsMinistry of Finance of Natural and Environment has developed open supply level translation for the grant directly online under the competent authorityin which levels of to reach 32% ( completion of the previous 12 months only targets the Government Affairs ), in half beginning January will to continue carried out at the level of on the 22 translation service reached 51.3%.

Source: http://www.monre.gov.vn/Pages/bo-tn&mt-kien-nghi-thu-tuong-ho-tro-nganh-y-te,-nguoi-dan,-doanh-nghiep-vi-dich-covid-19.aspx

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