Form of environmental protection report in 2020 according to Circular 25/2019 / TT-BTNMT

Monday, 17/02/2020, 08:03 GMT+7

The report on environmental protection for the first time mentioned in Article 37, Circular No. 25/2019 / TT-BTNMT - is the annual report that the enterprise must make to report to the governing body on the overall environmental protection work at the facility



The report on environmental protection is first mentioned in Article 37, Circular No. 25/2019 / TT-BTNMT detailing the implementation of several articles of Decree No. 40/2019 / ND-CP. and regulations governing environmental monitoring services.

Structure of the Report on environmental protection: integrates many periodic environmental reports

Part 1. Operating results of works and environmental protection measures

1. Regarding environmental protection works (environmental protection) for wastewater

2. Regarding the environmental protection work for exhaust gas

3. Regarding solid waste management

4. Results of overcoming the requests of inspection, examination agencies, and competent state agencies (if any)

Part 2. The situation of collection, transportation, treatment of domestic solid waste, solid waste, hazardous waste

1. For owners of solid waste collectors and transporters

2. For handling owners

Part 3. The situation of management of imported scrap

Part 4. The situation of implementing environmental rehabilitation and restoration for mineral exploitation activities


Form of Report on environmental protection work in 2020:

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